Snorkeling and Sea Kayak Trip

Hidden on the stunning coast line of the Highlands of Scotland and the NC500 is an amazing world of wildlife both above and below the water. Our Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking trip based in the Highlands on the NC500 combine the wonder of snorkeling and sea kayaking to offer a very unique way to experience this special this environment.

Your day will see sea kayaking from a sheltered bays along the NC500 to our snorkeling venue, offering us the chance to take in the spectacular scenery from the perspective of the sea kayak. Landing at our location you will then don wetsuits, snorkels and fins and the exploration of these unique Scottish environments will begin.

As with all activities your safety is our number one focus. During your snorkeling session we will place safety buoys around the perimeter of the snorkeling area so that no one can swim too far from the shore and that any boats that may come near will be aware of us being under the water. Your instructor will also be onshore keeping an eye on everyone with kayak to hand if anyone needs assistance.

For the day there is also the option of a BBQ or a Picnic. This is all provided by our friends at The Storehouse who will source all local ingredients from around the Highlands and will be cooked for you whilst you explore the marine life.

Child snorkeling
Sea kayak on a beach
Hermit crab

Where do we start and meet

We run our snorkeling and sea kayaking trip all around the NC500 and the Highlands of Scotland. We build each trip round you, so we do not have a set place we run our trips. We like to find out where you are staying in the Scottish Highlands and meet you at a location that is convenient to you. We also know the Highlands of Scotland and the NC500 really well so we are happy to make a suggestion.


Without BBQ

Adult – £95 Child – £65 Family (2 adults and up to 4 children) – £185

With BBQ

Adult – £105 Child – £75

How to book