Canoe Experiences

Exploring the highlands by canoeing has got to be one of the relaxing and immersive experiences. The canoes ability to glide through the water, leaving very little trace and opening areas that would otherwise be very difficult to access is the reason why we love guiding by canoe.

Please click below on our range of experiences and find your perfect journey.

Dog Friendly Canoe Trip

Our Dog Friendly canoe trips are designed specifically round your four legged friend, with extra time built in for them and complimentary life jackets there is now no reason not to bring them along.


Luxury Picnic Canoe Trip

Our Luxury Picnic Canoe Trip offers one of the best ways to sample the best of the Highlands.  All food is locally sourced and you will of course be traveling through the best of Scottish scenery.


Afternoon Tea Canoe Experience

Our Afternoon Tea and Canoe Experience is for anyone looking for the ultimate luxury indulgence.  Everything is sourced locally and is of the highest quality and you will of course be surrounded by the finest Scottish scenery.