Mountain Guiding

We believe that the mountains that hug the NC500 and the Scottish Highlands as a whole is the best place in the world to go mountaineering and that is why we love mountain guiding in the Highlands and the NC500. Majestic mountains surround great glens, with hidden waterfalls and exciting rivers which leave visitors awe-struck and wanting to return for more.

We will listen to what you want to experience and tailor your mountain guiding day to fit this. Whether it is a low-level trip in a glen or an amazing adventure across one of the many mountain ridges, you can be assured of a trip personalised to you.

We have been mountain guiding in the Highlands and around the NC500 for over twenty years so have a vast amount of local knowledge and experience. As fully qualified summer and winter Mountain Leaders you can be assured to be in safe hands.

Couple on a Liquid Footprints Mountain Guiding day
Client on top of a mountain
Winter mountaineering summit

Where do we start and meet

We guide all around the Scottish Highlands and the NC500. Your mountain day is unique to you, so we do not have a set mountain we guide on as we like to meet you where you want to be guided. We like to find out where you are staying in the Scottish Highlands and meet you at a location that is convenient to you. We also know the Highlands of Scotland really well so we are happy to make a suggestion if you are looking for some inspiration.


£150 for 1:1, £25 per extra person thereafter

We have a maximum of 6 participants per guide (please get in touch for group prices for 7+ participants)

How to book