School Group Activities

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Who we are

We are a small family business based in Dingwall. We have many years of experience working with school groups both here in Scotland and overseas. We are passionate about outdoor education and what it can do for children and we underpin all our activities with this believe.


We believe in developing programs that are school led. Teachers know their students’ needs better than anyone so we believe that we should be guided in what type of program the students undertake. That is why we always meet with the school before any program, listen to their ideas and goals and then as a team we create something that is exactly what the individual school is wanting.

Kayaking fun

Safety First

As parents ourselves we understand how nervous it can be to hand over your children/students to someone else and for them to partake in an activity that may be preserved as ‘risky’. That is why we have everything risked assessed which is then backed up by Emergency Action Plans and Standard Operating Procedures. We have an open-door policy enabling schools to fully inspect these beforehand.

Child in Canoe

We are also fully insured and all of equipment is regularly inspected to ensure everything is in working order. We are also independently inspected by the Adventure Activity Licensing Scheme and we are also registered on the Highland Council Evolve system.

Furthermore to ensure that all our safe guards are to industry standards and we also employ an independent Technical Advisor who also inspects all our working documents and our practices in the field.

When running activities we only work within the boundaries of our national recognised qualifications, we have a safety phone check in system for the end of every session and we also carry a comprehensive first aid kit plus other items to compliment this.

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