Women Specific Courses

Our Women Specific courses offers the opportunity for women to come together and explore, develop from not only each other but from one of our experienced and fully qualified associated female instructors

All our female courses are based here in the Highlands of Scotland with some of the worlds best outdoor classrooms right on our door step. We can provide a lot of the equipment you may need to join us, such as sea kayaks, with you quite often only having to bring a sense of adventure.

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Explore our Range of Women Specific Courses

Women Specific Sea Kayaking Confidence Booster Course

Our two day course is ideal for those who have paddled before and are now looking to make the next step in their personal development.  The course is very much geared around your needs and wants with aim of you going away more confident with your own paddling.


Women Specific Sea Kayak Safety and Rescue Course

Our single day course is perfect for those who paddled and have some limited experiences of rescue.  During this course will learn how to rescue away from the shoreline and what to do when the swell increases.  You will also get to use VHF radios and flares.